General Introduction 
The Automatic Chapati making machine is a advanced and new generation of chapatti making work and has limited the dependence on labor completely. The machine is completely made of stainless steel 304 and hence ensures complete hygiene and safety to consumer.


Special Features

Automatic Chapati Making Machine has automated the process of peda making with chapati making. The Peda Making part produces Uniformly Rolled Sized Pedas which are then placed on Chapati Machine for pressing and baking. The produce is Soft, Puffed, Home like Chapatis. The machine has following advantages over the traditional machine available in market

1) The entire system is designed to ensure guaranteed satisfaction to the consumer along with 100% accountability of Standardized Mass Production.

2) The machine’s simple design and user friendly interface makes it very easy to operate. An Ordinary Labor can operate this machine with minimal training.

3) Due to its robust construction high quality there is virtually no breakdowns minimum maintenance

4) The automation in the machine is at high level ensuring regulating temperature and gas consumption.

5) The machine consume lower power as many motors are operating for many functions together

6) The machine may be available with automatic oil spray and standard chapatti counter and process timer, gas consumption meter, multiple cylinder regulator, and automatic dough making system on demand. Currently these feature are not covered under scope


Technical Details



Type : Rotary Indexing Conveyor Type

Wt. of Chapati : 30 gm - 40 gm

Capacity : 2500 Chapattis / Hr

Chapati Thickness : 1 mm - 1.5 mm

L.P.G. Consumption: 3.25 to 3.5 kg. Hr

Chapati Size : 7" - 7.5"

L.P.G. Pressure: 5 p.s.i. to 7 p.s.i.

Chapati Color : Light Brown

Dimensions: Length - 11 ft ; Width - 4 ft ; Height - 6.5 ft

Appearance : Soft with puffed layer

Electricity Consumption: 4.5 KWH


Conveyor Belt Used: Food Grade Polyurethane Belt


Weight of the Machine: 1000 Kg


Operators Needed : 2 ( unskilled )



Additional Information:

  • Item Code: CGCFACMM123
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Number
  • Production Capacity: 3000/hour
  • Delivery Time: 15-20 Days


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